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Would you like to convert your Shopify Store into a Mobile App? Are you worried it will cost a fortune, or that you don't have the technical know-how to get started? Well, guess what? Bizeazy - The 5 minute Mobile App maker is perfect for you!

Our team of talented developers have spent countless hours creating a platform that allows you, "the customer", the ability to build your very own app.

Here's how it works:

Install the Bizeazy App and launch

You will be presented with a mobile preview screen which is completely integrated to your store.


If you like what you see on the preview page, go ahead and purchase your App. if you would like to delay your purchase, you may subscribe to a low cost monthly plan.


If we didn't get it right on the preview page, you will have the option to customize your App. Just like before, you can purchase or subscribe once you have completed this step.

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Our exclusive features

See our exclusive features for 5 minute setup

1-Click setup

Easy setup will take 5 minutes. enter your Shopify URL, pick a theme, and we'll handle the rest!


No Developers needed

We've looked after the heavy lifting so you don't have to. This means no coding, and more savings for you!


Native code

Our Apps are created using native code, so your customers will get the best shopping experience through seemless integration to your Shopify Store.

User experience

Rich user experience

Best in class, intuitive shopping experience for your valued customers.

Push notification

Push notification enabled

Engage with your customers with Push Notifications; even when they're not using your app!


Hassle free submissions

We look after the hard stuff, so you don't have to.


Free updates

Included with your membership

Over 1000+ happy customers

Ipad count


Unlike our competitors; we encourage our customers to purchase their App outright, rather than rent it for a monthly fee.

Exclusive rights

You will have full access and own all rights to the App we create for you! This is what excites us most.

One time, low cost charge

We will build and submit your app at a fraction of the cost you would spend to have a developer to do the same.

Quick turnaround time

We will have your App live on the App Stores within days as opposed to waiting months if you hired a developer.

No middle man

As soon as we publish the Mobile App on your behalf, we remove ourselves from the equation. But, we are always there for support if you need us!

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With all that said, we know that purchasing the App is not for everyone. So, we are excited to provide you with an alternative solution:

Low cost monthly subscription plans

Similar to above; we will build and submit the App on your behalf. The only difference is that you will be subscribing to a monthly Live App license. This means that your App will remain live on the AppStores as long as your subscription to Bizeazy is in good standing. You can purchase your App outright at anytime.

If you would like a demo of what your App could look like, download the FREE Bizeazy App for your Apple or Android device. All you need to do is launch the App and enter your Store's URL. It's that easy!

Alternatives plans

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Pricing & Plans


  • Android only
  • Store integration
  • Push Notifications
  • App updates


  • iOS and Android
  • Store integration
  • Push Notifications
  • App updates
  • Custom features


$499 One Time
  • iOS and Android
  • Store integration
  • Push Notifications
  • App updates
  • Custom features

Frequently asked questions

Will my Shopify Store and Mobile App show the same items for sale?

Yes. Your Mobile App is a mirror of your Shopify Store. Anything you change in the store, will relect in the App

I've subscribed to a monthly plan. Can I purchase the App later ?

Yes you sure can.

Will I need to have an Apple or Google Developer account ?

Yes. We provide you with all the instructions and support you need to set them.

Will the App in the Appstore be mine or yours?

The App will be submitted to your own Developer accounts.If you have subscribed to a monthly plan, then technically you don't have full rights to the App as we would not provide you with the source code.Once you decide to purchase your app, its all yours!.

How long before my App is available on the AppStore?

1 day for Google Play. Up to 5 days for the AppStore.

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